The Origin of a Name, part therapy

Welcome back.

So starting this blogventure (my version of an adventure) has been on my mind for sometime.  The original idea came to me while running with my two poochies, Alice and Dora.  Since I try to be a responsible poochie parent, I was carrying two bags of poo. In case you were wondering, it’s not a good look or fun. The stories I could share  of the mishaps along the way would have you laughing so hard, stuff would come out of your nose.  But that is for another time.


Cutie isn’t she? She’s definitely therapy.  Reminds me to take every day for what it is and enjoy it.

Back to the idea. When I had the idea originally, I wanted to call it “Running with Poo”.  I know, pretty weird right? At the time, it sort of captured what was happening in my life.  Sort of the Life running me instead of the other way around.

Flash forward to a couple of business trips Mr. Hubby had. Picture this: he leaves and the house is a certain way and color scheme. He returns to someting completely different- down to furniture, painted rooms, curtains, etc.  I had been doing stuff like this to him since we have been married.  Fortunately for me, he is super tolerant. For the most part, he will make a few comments and let it go. (As I typed that, I heard the Frozen song in my head…)  I had always explained it was a destresser for me. After the third or fourth time of a complete redo of a room, a discussion had to take place.

Always a lover of design and pre Pinterest, I would save pictures from Southern Living, Traditional Home and others as my inspiration.  Don’t know about you, but I find inspiration much easier when I implement it by myself.

Given that, I waited until he was out of town to put plans in action. After all, having someone else provide an opinion yeah or nay, gave the whole process a level of stress I didn’t need.  I simply explained that doing something to make the home better (at least I thought so) was therapeutic for me.  And most of the time cheaper than going to a therapist.  I guess one could argue that in itself is a reason to see a therapist.  But hey, Mr. Hubby figured out it was something he could live with.  It was therapy.

I started running a while back and have done multiple Marathons, half marathons and 10K races. About a month into training for my first race, it occurred to me I missed it when I didn’t get to my workout for the day.  It also became apparent to me, the activity gave me an outlet for stress and was very cathartic.  It became therapy.

Several years ago, I joined the Atlanta Track Club’s In Training for the Women’s 5K.  You can more information about it here  ATC In Training for Womens 5K.  This wonderful group of women are so much fun to train with and give me inspiration every time.  They are therapy.

There are so many more examples of things I do I consider therapy. Stuff that enhances my life, reduces stress, gives me an outlet or uses a different part of my brain.  I found myself saying ” it’s therapy I swear” to people when explaining why I was doing something.  And now here you go.  The blog.

What do you do that’s therapy?  I’ll bet you have a bunch of things too.  Let me know what gives you the most happiness.


Til next time…




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