Who needs botox when you have eczema???

So over on Instagram (shellyh0420) I talked about the crazy eczema that is taking over my face.  It started several months ago but it getting worse. I tried a food journal and couldn’t figure it out. Changed up my makeup routine, still no luck. The best thing I can say about it is It looks like I have had botox. Lips swollen so hiding my fine lines, redness as thought I just had shots and overall plumpness.  However, it’s crazy itchy and I really do think I’ve been scratching in my sleep.

Finally, I broke down and went to the dermotologist.  She promptly prescribed a cortisone cream and return appointment in 2 weeks.  The cream did help but as soon as I stopped using it, there it was again.

So, I went to my integrative primary doctor who thought it was viral and prescribed an antibiotic cream.  I have used it for a week and don’t see improvements. This led me to the book Skin Cleanse. In the book, she talks about giving your skin a break for a couple of days and only using a bare minimum of products.  So that started today.

Once I am able to get things under control, I’m starting a skin care smackdown for 6 months and using a different natural | organic product line to see what gives me the best results.  My Goal is to find a routine and product line that is simple, good for me, not crazy expensive and works for my skin.  The companies I am considering are: L’bri, Suki, Eminence and SW Basics. (FYI: the book was written by the founder of SW Basics).  I would love to hear any ideas of may have.

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